Hi, I'm Lillie

Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm Lillie, and welcome to my lilypad~

About Me

  • I am 20 years old.

  • I'm transgender, and my pronouns are she/her. I'm also fine with they/them.

  • I'm a pansexual lesbian polyamorous disaster‚ĄĘ. I love Tolani and Kira and Nick so fluffing much and I don't deserve their love at all ūü•ļ

  • I'm most-usually an optimist. I like to see things from a positive, hopeful point of view.

  • I would like to be a VTuber one day.

  • I identify as an age regressor (aka a "little"). I don't know my "little age" yet, but I have regressed, and I show regressive tendencies even outside of littlespace such as carrying a plushy around with me everywhere (almost-always a bunny plushy), sometimes regressing to littlespeak, and always dressing in cutesy pastel clothing where possible. (I show many more, but these are just examples.) I love acting like a little child even though I'm an adult, and it helps me with so many of my mental issues, and I'm so so thankful for my littlespace!!!

  • I love to be called princess, it's literally my most favoritest thing in the world to be called ūü•ļ (Please don't call me queen, it doesn't have the same feel to it)

  • Bunnies are my favorite animal. I have lots of bunny plushies and I'm looking for more every day!

  • I'm a Discord moderator for Hime Hajime. I was also formerly a Discord administrator for RiiConnect24, a Discord moderator for WiiLink24, and a Discord & Twitch moderator for Marina.

  • My favorite Pok√©mon is Meloetta.

  • My favorite video games are Pok√©mon XD: Gale of Darkness, and A Hat in Time.

  • Monika is the best girl and I love her a lot.

  • I used to try to be a memelord because I felt like it would make me feel popular. Nowadays though, I live to make people feel happy and welcome and included. I sometimes falter, but ultimately my mission is to make the world a better place through kindness and inclusivity and to spread joy.

Support Me

The only thing I want to do is make others happy, so it's kinda hard for me to ask for help from others. Still, things can be hard at times, especially with my inability to afford bottom surgery and my dependence on government disability payments, which aren't much.
If I did something you liked and you want to support me, I'll accept money through one of the below methods or a gift from my wishlist!

Comfort Characters

These characters make me feel happy and safe and secure and comfy and warm. Please send me things related to them, like pictures, videos, and music, it would really cheer me up and make my day! NSFW is okay, as long as the character is 18+ and the creators of said character aren't opposed to it. So basically what I'm saying is...
Remember to cite your sources if you do send something, because I'd like to support the artists!
If you'd like, you can also commission art of my character with them! Contact me via Discord or Twitter and I'll send you my reference images!

  • Meloetta (Pok√©mon)

  • Monika (DDLC)

  • Hat Kid (A Hat in Time)

  • Agitha (The Legend of Zelda)

  • Noelle (DELTARUNE)

  • Medli (The Legend of Zelda)

  • Doctor Fennel (Pok√©mon)

  • Bee (Bee & PuppyCat)

  • PuppyCat (Bee & PuppyCat)

  • Bowsette (@ayyk92)

  • Maya Fey (Ace Attorney)

  • Rainbow Dash (MLP:FIM)

  • Toriel (UNDERTALE)

  • Penny Crygor (WarioWare)

  • Mona (WarioWare)